January 2, 2017

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Welcome to Media Satchel. We're happy you stopped by to see us.

My background for the last nine years has been in the training and development business where I facilitated many classroom style sessions. One day a prospective customer wanted me to teach a number of leadership classes at their site. While that wasn't a unusual request in itself, the schedule they wanted was. This manufacturing company was operating 24/7 so they wanted some of the training sessions for their employees at...you guessed it, the 11pm-7am shift sometimes referred to as the "graveyard shift." I knew that THOSE hours weren't possible for me to facilitate, so the only answer that I could think of was to provide the company with training on demand. The only way to provide when they needed it would be in a video format!  At that's what we did! We created a five part leadership series but instead of videotaping me to an imaginary class, I let animated characters teach leadership for me assisted only with my voice. They were much more entertaining than I could ever be, demand a higher salary, or want a new take. The video series was a success. The customer was happy and I made a nice sale for my organization. Several video series completed later, I then realized that video is not only training alternative, but is now is THE PREFERRED WAY to capture the attention of people. Don't believe me? According to Google, nearly 5 Billion people have watched YouTube videos. Need I say more?

The video business continues to grow so I decided to create my own company. Take a look around and see what we have to offer. We'd love the opportunity to make a video visual for you.  Thanks for your time and your business!    Mike

Media Satchel
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